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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Save The Date?

We require that you sign a contract in order to Save-The-Date and provide us with a $5000 non-refundable deposit (which is applied against your contract amount).


I would like to take a tour of the private estate of Luna Bella Ranch, how do I do that?

Luna Bella Ranch is a private estate and ranch.  Hence, tours/visits are by appointment only.  Currently, we do not have any available 2021 dates and are not booking any new tours until September 2021. 

Do you allow outside catering?

We do not permit outside catering.  Luna Bella Ranch has an established relationship with an excellent caterer that is part of our inclusive wedding package.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes, if provided to one of our third-party preferred bartenders, which we require that you use if alcohol will be served at your wedding.  Our preferred bartender(s) will work with you to select bottles of wine, beer or champagne to be served during the reception and/or Appetizer and Cocktail Hour.  Costs for a bartender typically cost $125/hour with a 5-hour minimum. We require that you purchase your alcohol through BevMo and pay for their delivery service to Luna Bella Ranch on the day of your wedding (BevMo typically offers free delivery if spend more than $500 on alcohol; otherwise delivery is a $50 charge if spend less).  Save a ton because many bar packages at wedding venues often range from $30-$40 per person.  Hard alcohol is not allowed on the property. We only allow beer, wine, and champagne to be served.  Bartender and alcohol typically cost $900-$1200 for 100 people.

Do we have to use your DJ?

Yes. We have our own preferred DJ company and we are confident that we can provide a DJ that fits your style.

What happens in inclement weather or if it rains?

If it is forecasted to rain on your wedding day, we will assist you in renting a tent and the location for the wedding would be held on our Upper Lawn, a beautiful 8000 square foot space with easy access and gorgeous views of Luna Bella Ranch and the hills behind.  The responsibility for any charges for the tent rental lies with the client. Depending on what type of tent you want and the size determines the rental cost. Each quote will depend on your individual circumstances.


What time must the wedding end?

Riverside County noise ordinance requires outdoor events end no later than 10:00 p.m.

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