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About Us

Hidden Forest Wedding

Luna Bella Ranch is a private estate and ranch run by the Luna family. Our daughter was the first one to get married here and it was a wedding that was more magical than ever imagined! She wanted to get married in our 22-acre forest that is filled with towering 100-foot sycamore and oak trees, covered in wild grapevines.  


We wanted to make it happen for our daughter, who has always been referred to by her dad, as his "Little Princess".  She wanted a fairytale princess type wedding and it was pulled off beautifully, even down to a larger than life princess storybook at the front of the ceremony – nestled in the forest's grapevines.  


We decided that her wedding would be the launch of our wedding business and so here we go! Make your dreams come true at Luna Bella Ranch. What will you dream of? Pam Luna, our resident Dream Maker, can share with you how to make it happen.

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